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Teen Moms Fresh Start
2014 Workshops Launch late April

Originally Teen Moms' Friends Club, Inc., a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Tax Deductible Organization, created by the Mom of a Teen Mom.
My Granddaughter, Carissa, and I, were out at Savage Mill making jewelry together.

Research for our programs began in 2007 by the Mom of a Teen Mom.  We have been providing community support since April of 2008.

Our Philosophy is that all members of society need to be treated equally.  These Programs are A HAND UP, NOT A HAND OUT.  A life changing program, if willing to do the work, that touches on all developmental issues including finances, health, parenting, and more.
Teen Moms Fresh Start is made up of team players.  We
find a great satisfaction in reaching out and providing the support that so many families need. We are able to provide this type of service by networking and partnering with other organizations.  It is important for people to be team players within their community, and be a part of the solution to the many problems we face today.

The Questionnaire is anonymous.  The more honest the answer, as we inform students and youth when we are having them fill out a Questionnaire, the more accurate information we are able to compile and utilize for future program purposes.  These Questionnaires are accounted separately from those we physically see completed by what age group.  Thank you.

To provide programs based on life skills education and individual support to teen moms and dads, as well as programs to reduce teen pregnancy.

Over the past couple of years, TMFS had to pull back workshops in MD while the Founder/President dealt with life threatening health issues from Gastroparesis.  Since Tanya's diagnosis, http://www.GastroparesisAndME.com, she has been instrumental in bringing awareness GP and continues to research as well as speak out about this life threatening digestive illnesses.  TMFS became a Fiscal Sponsor for Gastroparesis and ME while the necessary steps to become a nonprofit organization are completed and approved. 

Throughout the process of having to decrease Workshops, TMFS continues helping families in local communities with emergency assistance of multiple natures, in addition to food, clothing, Christmas, holiday and birthday needs. 

TMFS is working on details to launch "Tell It Like It Is!" in MD and DC locations.
As we focus on our "Tell It Like It Is!" Program, our future goals include:

  • The Educational Housing Program
  • Increased Workshop and Activity locations
  • Opening Chapters throughout the US
  • Network with other organizations active in creating positive changes

Networking also helps us help other families who do not have anyone or anywhere to turn.

It only takes a little time, kindness and a little extra effort to help turn someone's day around.

Definition of Successful to us:
DECREASE IN: Violence, Crime, Drug Addiction, Gang Dependency and Teen Pregnancy.

INCREASE IN: Number of Graduates from High School, Job Production, Community Sports/Arts/Music and Community supporting Community.

Contact Us
Call (443) 623-5297 or ContactUs@TeenMomsFreshStart.org for local groups in you area.
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